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Motoman SDA dual arm robot in electronic assembly application

The series SDA of MOTOMAN dual arm robots from YASKAWA are 15 axes machines with human like dexterity. This type of robot represents the most advanced technology on the market today from the word leading industrial robot and robot automation systems supplier.

Its design is robust with proven reliability based on 270,000 robots that the company has supplied since 1976.  Both arms can work together in perfect harmony on a single process or simultaneously on completely different tasks. It can work in places normally occupied by humans and even use human type tools.

These machines are suitable for heavy duty applications in every industry where ultimate flexibility is required.

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The MOTOMAN dual robot was developed in partnership with the Japanese car industry. After some further developments it was then launched on the worldwide market In 2006.

Its development is in line with YASKAWA’s vision of using the company’s key technologies in order to address global issues such as aging population in the developed world as well as environmental and energy issues. The company is working to create a market for robots that are closer to humans and co-exist with them in the “Robotics Human Assist” business domain.

The dual arm robot in lab automation

The dual robot offers unique automation possibilities in laboratories and the bio medical segment where it can be used to replicate manual processes. These processes often involve substances that are dangerous to people and as a consequence strict health and safety procedures and working practices must be adhered to. The various tasks can easily be taught to the robot, which will execute them to much higher levels of accuracies than a human lab technician.

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Motoman SDA dual arm robot Motoman brochure for the SDA dual arm robot

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Motoman Dual Arm Robots

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